The First-Ever Interchangeable
Magnetic Suit Buttons

With its patent-pending design, Cufftore has redesigned, redefined and re-imagined how the suit button should have always been. By adding a magnet to the inside of the button it enables one to easily switch around their buttons from suit to suit giving their suits a custom-made look.

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Set-up is 3 easy steps
Isn't it just beautiful?
We literally recreated the standard button
Comes in 4 beautiful colours at the moment
Every set comes with the following things
Oh, and they're super strong

These are just the few advantages of Cufftore suit buttons:

Change your buttons whenever you’d like
Make your suit jacket looser or tighter
Never lose a button at the cleaners
No need for a tailor to sew your buttons
Make your suit more versatile
Gives your suit a custom-made look

“It’s literally a revolution in the fashion industry”

Please note: We only use high quality materials for our buttons